Seize the day and embrace the future | 尚德融合部小學五年級畢業成果展



In the exhibition, students demonstrate their understanding of an issue or opportunity they have chosen to explore. Through the exhibition, students demonstrate their ability to take responsibility for their learning—and their capacity to take action—as they are actively engaged in planning, presenting and assessing learning.


Our big day


On May 22, when you walked into Shangde Library lobby, you seemed to experience a journey through time and space. The European-style Renaissance Gallery, the museum-style layout of the exhibition area, the beautiful display panels and the confident faces of the children, all showed the spirit of Shangde to teachers and students from international schools in  Shanghai,Hangzhou, Zhenjiang, Wuxi, Anhui.


“Where we are in place and time” a series of student-led inquiries into a variety of focuses: orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the inter-connectedness of individuals and civilizations, from a local and global perspective.


During the past ten weeks, G5 students were divided into 19 research groups based on this theme and according to their own research interests. They worked together to determine the central idea, sorted a path of inquiry, used the elements of MISO to: conduct investigation and analysis, draw conclusions, and take practical and meaningful actions.


Using a time machine followed a linear path to trace the rise, prosperity and development of civilization.

第一展區:興起 Rise up


The exploration of the unknown world has accelerated the intellectual development of mankind. The golden age of ancient civilization and the emergence of established economic means have marked a step forward in human civilization.


Culture History Group


Members of History of Culture Group arranged their learning into a Tytler cycle- through research and investigation, and many of the factors involved have the potential to change civilization. They drew a comic titled " Things happened in Ancient Greece" and printed books. In order to stimulate more people to understand and love history, they went out and publicized the comic books, showing them to people and some training institutions.


Currency Group


Members of the Currency Group consulted many literature, books and websites on the origin and development of the currency to understand the concepts of inflation and block chain. Students visited a nursing home to explain the methods of various cashless payment to the elderly. I believe that every child gained a lot of "intellectual wealth" from the process.

盛世組 Golden Age Group


The students of Golden Age Group gained a preliminary understanding of Han and Tang culture by reading books and watching videos. To further improve their knowledge they participated in relevant off-campus courses, and interviewed experts in Han and Tang culture to conduct in-depth analysis of Han and Tang culture. 


Through this inquiry, the children are full of yearning for the Han and Tang culture, to show this they created a book entitled "Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty", and brought their painted book to the CEIBS private school to read for the children there and spread the knowledge of our Han and Tang culture.

     遷徙組 Migration Group 


The students of the Migration Group used a questionnaire to investigate whether the city of Shanghai changed because of the flow of migrants. The group produced posters for foreign friends who have come to Shanghai to help them understand the local culture.

古文明組 Ancient Civilization Group


Ancient Civilization Group collected all kinds of information about ancient civilizations and posted in a WeChat account called "study culture is very fun" , in the form of comics, and received a lot of praise! 

探索組 Exploration Group 


The children of the Exploration Group went out to visit the Shanghai Natural History Museum and the Hello Mars Exhibition, recorded their findings and thoughts as videos, and posted them on the Internet, calling on the public to assume their due responsibilities in the process of exploration.

第二展區:繁榮  Prosperity


As time marches on, civilizations began to prosper. From building, transportation links to developing city planning, prosperity is reflected in society.

城市規劃組 Urban Planning Group 


The theme of urban planning is explored by two groups. They separately inquired on urban planning during different times reflecting the progress of civilization, science and technology and urban planning in different periods reflects the needs of urban planning. 


In the process of inquiry, students make full use of MISO forms to help them better understand the impact of urban planning on city development. The children went to the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall to conduct a field survey, interviewed the Director of the Urban Planning Bureau, and cooperated with the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum on the theme painting of “One River, One Lake”, and designed and produced posters to promote the action in each class. 


They will then screen the collected works and send them to the City Planning Hall. I believe that such experiences can help them better spread the charm of urban planning.

 游戲組 Game Group 


Why are video games so popular? Why are sports games a little inferior to video games? The children of the Game Group brainstormed and became a "sports teacher", led the G3 students to play sports games on the playground, and personally designed the lesson plans, produced a timetable, and publicized the charm of sports games. They hope more people can indulge in video games and choose a healthier lifestyle.

 交通組 Transport Group 


Through the survey, the children of the Transport Group found that although the development of transportation can make people's lives more convenient, there are still many people who are not paying much attention to the development of transportation in China.


They set up a WeChat account called “Traffic History Fun Exploration”, which published two articles per week, with rich content and interesting illustrations to attract people to pay more attention to the development of China's transportation industry.


Cultural Exchange Group 


What impact does the collision of Eastern and Western culture have on people's lives? With this kind of thinking, members of the Cultural Exchange Group interviewed Prof. Feng Wei, a professor at the history department of Fudan University. During the interview, the children learned more about the characteristics of Eastern and Western cultures and their differences. 


They also recorded audio on the Silk Road and Zhangyqian on the Himalayan APP to help people better understand the story of cultural integration. Students believe that the meaning of cultural integration lies in learning others and constantly improving ourselves. Through the integration of Eastern and Western cultures, society can make greater progress.

史實組 Historical Facts Group 


The members of the Historical Facts Group studied the historical events of different countries during the same period. They hope that through this research, people can better reflect on their contemporary life, and keep in mind that "Do not forget history, learn from history"! 

茶文化組 Tea Culture Group 


The members of the Tea Culture Group used their weekend time to visit the Hangzhou Tea Museum to learn about the types, origins and spreads of tea. They were transformed into “tea culture ambassadors” on the day of the exhibition, so that visitors can experience essence of tea culture while drinking tea. 

建筑組 Architecture Group  


The children of the Architecture Group visited the winding house of Gujiazhai in the Qigan village, and compared the influence of the style of Western architecture on the development of Western history. They learned about the representative buildings of different countries and the dreams of little architects have sprouted in their hearts since then.

生活方式組 Lifestyle Group  


The members of the Lifestyle Group produced a geo-science video, shared with the younger brothers and sisters of G1, and helped the children to understand the typical production and lifestyle of some regions of the world, which was loved by children.


發展 Development


A revolution in technology has made civilizations unique in modern times. A diversified society and economy have developed into something that cannot be ignored in the march of civilization.

文化遺產組 Cultural Heritage Group 


Members of the Cultural Heritage Group went to Beijing to interview Mr. Wen Gangang, the inheritor of the craved paint. They also interviewed Mr. Zhan Xiao to learn about the traditional culture and customs of the past and the decline of some cultures. Therefore, this has further strengthened the determination of the group members to protect and spread the cultural heritage. 


For this reason, the children have created a non-material cultural relic, creating intangible cultural heritage into anime characters, printed on calendars, T-shirts, cloth bags and other daily necessities. 


The children have taken to the streets to promote a charity sale to people including foreign friends and promote China's intangible cultural heritage. In the end, All the donations were donated to the national-level non-legacy project of Shanghai “Fleece Embroidery” national representative inheritor Bao Yanhui to support the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage!

現代技術組 Technology Group  


The focus of the Technology Group is artificial intelligence, which has generated many questions during the inquiry process. However, the children did not give up and submitted a written application to the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, hoping to interview the professors working in the field of artificial intelligence.Fortunately, the children's applications were allowed, their confusion was answered during the interview, and the understanding of artificial intelligence was deeper.

多元文化組 Diversity Group 


The Diversity Group understands the importance of multiculturalism by creating proposals. On the exhibition day, a fun interactive session was prepared at the event site. 

經濟組 Economic Group 


The students of the Economic Group decided to write an advice letter for the Mayor of Turpan through inquiry. The letter suggests that Turpan can rely on agriculture and land transport to develop rapidly. They believe that all cities in China will develop into international metropolises in the future!


During the program performance session on exhibition day, the members of the Urban Planning Group performed their entire inquiry process through the comment board, and the children's confident and generous explanation won the praise of the audience! 


The Cultural Exchange Group has demonstrated the two songs of the "Compendium of Materia Medica" and "Turandot" to show cross-cultural fusion in music collision.


Seeing the wonderful performance of the students, Principal Jiang’s speech brought the atmosphere of the scene to the climax. Principal Jiang mentioned that the students' inquiry and study are based on their thinking, and they are moving towards an open education and embracing the world. He has seen the desire for faith and wisdom from our students. And he believes that students understand that learning is their own business, and the learning agency will benefit them for life!

19份研究報告、38次參觀與采訪、77本Exhibition Book、還有無數份調查問卷。孩子們在這短短十周的成果展中為我們展現了他們積極進取的探究精神和永保熱忱的國際情懷。Seize the day and embrace the future.相信我們融小的孩子都能抓住今天,網上現金二八杠:擁抱未來,去發現,去創造!最終,熱烈祝賀尚德實驗學校融合部五年級畢業成果展圓滿落幕!

19 research reports, 38 visits and interviews, 77 Exhibition Book, and countless questionnaires. In this short 10-week exhibition, the students have showed us their aggressive and enterprising spirit and enthusiasm for international mindedness. We believe that students from SSES primary year division can seize the day, embrace the future, discover and create! Finally, I would like to warmly congratulate on Shangde Experimental School Grade 5 graduation exhibition!